Founder’s message

Message From Founder

Education is the key to access door of heavenly paradise of unthrill creations of the world which are locked in the books and thoughts of our guardians. As far as research and development is concerned, it is a one sort of treasure finding process which is hidden in the science and technology .To search /reveal the place of treasure, there is requirement of huge dedication, hardwork, perfectly analyzed planning, knowledge and tremendous will-power with ample of patience.

Every problem has a solution, to solve it sometimes you require time, sometimes money and sometimes people beyond this, there won’t be any existence of that problem. I would like to give my sincere vote of thanks to all my Advisory members, editors, reviewers and specially Editor-In-Chief Dr.Pramod Patil for his gracious contribution in the establishment of this Journal.

Er.Ashish S. Khachane
Founder & Managing Editor, IJETEMR